Navy blue is a solid and decent color that can evoke feelings of power and authority. It’s the kind of hue that makes people feel in control and confident. While navy blue can evoke feelings of relaxation or peace with lighter shades, the darker hues tend to be more authoritative and essential. Accordingly, wearing shoes in these colors would be most appropriate for certain occasions, such as formal events like weddings, parties, and dinner dates. It is more important to look beautiful and confident on essential occasions. It is a classic color, and it’s perfect for any event. But what color shoes to wear with navy dress? The answer may seem obvious; choose some matching footwear. But you can’t wear all colors of the rainbow with your new navy outfit.

Imagine if you wore a glittery blue midi dress to an event and paired it with leather boots; that would be hideous. So, before choosing footwear with a navy dress, first, consider the style of your outfit. Casual or formal? Is the office appropriate or event ready? The proper pair of heels will elevate an otherwise casual look and make it elegant enough for a special occasion. Several colors work well as the perfect accent piece when paired with navy blue dresses; red is one. Consider pairing your dress with black or red pairs for formal occasions to give you that extra special touch. It is perfect for casual or more formal occasions depending on the dress you wear. These outfits will make your everyday look just right for any event. Choose wisely and show off how chic you can be while rocking your wardrobe.

Things to Consider before Choosing Shoes for Navy Dress

Not every shoe works for your navy blue dress. Here are some things to consider before choosing footwear that goes with this type of outfit:


Nobody stresses about dressing up for a casual event. It’s only appropriate to wear high heels for formal occasions, such as weddings and job interviews. How high will you be wearing them? Footwear height is not the same with navy blue dress shoes or sneakers! What’s style? Color shade palette color tone occasion shoes are considered one of the essential components of an outfit.

Casual or Formal

It’s imperative to think about casual or formal occasions. Is it casual or formal? What style are you going for, and what colors make up the rest of your outfit? What color is the shade palette best for your skin tone? Do not forget to consider color tone.


Never forget to match boots to your palette. What will you be wearing with these shoes? If they are not the statement piece of an outfit, make sure their colors do not clash. Make sure that it works well with what you’ll wear on top and bottom. How much fabric is there in the shoes upper part (the area above your toes)? After you choose the base color, you need to match the color of the upper part. If it is not neutral enough (meaning that there are too many colors), choose essential and straightforward boots with no patterns or embellishments for them to be able to blend well into your outfit.

Color Tone

The color’s intensity and hue determine the color tone of an item. The style can be cool, warm, or neutral. Shade is the amount of black added to a color, either pigment or tone. A light red and dark red are two shades of one color. Shades can be cool or warm depending on where it falls within that particular hue’s temperature range. While it is true that you can wear any color pair with a navy dress, it may not be a great idea. You want to make sure that your outfit does not look too busy or like an accident waiting to happen. So if you have some solid-colored pumps and flats in other colors on hand, use those as backups for another occasion.

Black Shoes with Navy Dress

Black footwear would be a great choice with a navy dress. The black color helps ground the entire outfit and keep it looking sleek. A good pair of pumps or heels will be a great choice if you don’t want too much height. A navy blue dress with black shoes is an excellent choice for any occasion.

White Shoes with a Navy Blue Dress

Navy blue and white is a very classic color combination. It can be used for your wedding, graduation, or even business casual outfits. The colors are timeless and can be paired with many different shoes. However, white is a much more classic color and can be worn as formal or casual as you would like it to be.

Best Matching Options For Women

Women are more conscious about their dressing, and especially when going to a party or an important event, they want to look prominent, charming, and decent. So they pick every part of their dressing with a great sense of matching. We are here to help them choose the most suitable option to give a stunning touch to their dressing with footwear. Here are some options they can consider when going for boots pairing a dress.

Navy Blue Dress and Red Shoes

If you want to add a pop of color, red would be another good option with the navy dress. However, make sure that it is not too bright or in your face when paired together. A red dress and navy pumps would be a great choice. A deep, dark red lipstick could also help bring the pops of color together for an exciting look that is still professional.

Navy Blue Shades With Silver Linings Shoes

Do you need to know about the shoe color to wear with navy dress? Silver pairs are a great fit if you are wearing a mid-navy dress because they’ll allow the dress to be the center of attention. If you wear an ankle-length navy dress, or even one that falls at your knee or mid-calf, then opt for gold accents to add some depth and richness into your ensemble without overpowering it. In general, neutrals are great options for pairing shoes with blue dresses because they won’t detract from their color and blend in easily. The silver linings are the perfect example of how footwear complements a navy dress by adding richness and depth.

Navy Dress with Sand Gold Shoes

The best sand gold footwear for a navy dress is another excellent pick for your dressing. Because sand gold is one of the popular colors, many designers have come up with pairs in sand gold color to go well with your favorite dresses! If you are going out with a blue-colored dress and looking for what color footwear to wear, consider sand gold as an option. You will love how stylish you look. Another color that you can wear with the navy dress is gold. Gold complements the blue tones of your dress well! Consider either silver or gold if you are confused about matching a midi navy dress.

Navy Dress with Red Scarpin Shoes

If you want to look more casual, try red scraping boots. This color will go perfectly with your navy dress and even give it a pop of excitement. These types of heels can be worn for any occasion, whether it’s work or an elegant party! You might feel like this is too bright.

Navy Dress with Silver Shoes

A navy dress with silver footwear is a classic color. Silver boots & accessories are great for adding glitz & glamor to any outfit. Depending on your height and attending occasion, you can go with either heels or flats. A navy dress also looks good when paired with silver accessories such as jewelry, belts, handbags, etc. The famous silver heel choice is metallic, but you can also go for black or nude heels. For flats, the choice is truly your own. However, silver ballet flats boots are a popular option many women choose because of their versatility and comfort level.

Hot Pink shoes

Hot pink pairs look great with a blue dress. More flirty & less serious, they go well with the feminine skirt. If you want to tone down your hot pink boots, black or gray ballet flats will do the trick! They are colors that match more closely with the blue color of the dress. Try wearing a neutral pair with your navy dress if you want to show up in style but not look too flashy.

A fun pair of colorful shoes

If you want to wear a great pop of color, then go for it! No rule says you can’t have fun with your outfit and wear whatever makes you feel amazing. Just make sure the rest of your outfit coordinates well so nothing clashes. You don’t want to look like you just threw everything on at the last minute. Navy blue heels are a great choice of colors and outfits without clashing or looking too busy. There is no reason why you shouldn’t have a pair of these in your closet! So many people think it is dull, but you can wear it with so much and look amazing each time.

Final Words

When it comes to choosing the perfect footwear for a navy dress, there are many things you need to take into consideration. Do you want your outfit to be casual or formal? Do you need to look at what color shoes to wear with navy dress? If you select a traditional dress, it is best to go with classic colors such as black, white, silver, or gold. If your dress is casual, you can choose from various colors and styles. Red shoes are another suitable option, especially for women. This color will go perfectly with your navy dress and even give it a pop of excitement. You can wear these types of heels for any occasion; whether it’s work or a ceremHopefully, you willfully pick the best pair for your dress according to the event you are wearing. We have given you multiple reasonable options that will surely suit you and make you feel more confident about your dressing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How About A Navy Dress With Navy Shoes?

It’s excellent and extra elegant to pair navy shoes with a navy dress. However, any shoe color can go with a dress in the same hue if it’s not the exact shade. But navy footwear will give you a classic touch to your navy dressing.

What colors go with a navy blue dress?

The colors of dresses can vary depending on your dress’s style, length, and material. For example, if you have a long-sleeve navy blue cocktail dress made from satin or lace, choose colors that complement those fabrics, such as silver accented with black accessories. On the other hand, if your dress is for a casual daytime look, you can go with more casual colors that are compatible with the style of your dress.