Footwear comes in various styles and materials, so it’s essential to use a different method for each type to uncrease. Leather boots are the most common, but they aren’t always perfect. Creases can happen, especially if you are on your feet for a long time. With time the shoes start to look dirty and rough. Not only that, the crease makes them look old and used. This article has enough information about how to uncrease shoes and make them look like new for a long time. What should you do if this happens to your footwear? Don’t worry, and we have an easy solution for this problem. The following are some crease removal methods that will work on most shoes.

Best Methods To Uncrease Shoes

Here are some simple methods that you can use to uncrease your shoes. It’s essential only to clean them using unique products designed for cleaning this type of material. Suede absorbs water quickly when wet, while leather takes ages to dry. If possible, try your boots before you put them on. This way, if there is a problem with the fit or discomfort, it can be resolved quickly instead of building up over time and eventually causing problems in the future.

1. Using the Iron:

Using electric iron or a heavy object, press down on the crease. It’s essential only to clean them using unique products designed for cleaning this type of material. Here are some simple & easy methods that will help you remove the crease on your shoes. Before applying any products, make sure you clean them first using unique cleaning solutions designed for suede or leather materials. Clean the shoes from dust and dirt.

  • Remove any additional creases with a precision iron.

  • Fill the boots with paper to fill up the space left by the crease.

  • Damp a towel and rub the surface of the pairs. Ensure you are not using too much water, as it might damage the material.

  • Heat the iron and gently press the crease. Apply pressure for about 30-40 seconds, and then remove it immediately. If you leave the iron on one spot too long, it might cause damage to your footwear or even burn them, so be careful.

  • The use of steam iron is also a suitable method. If the crease is not removed, repeat steps two to five and try again.

2. Keeping the Shoes into woods

This method is used to remove creases out of leather boots. The process is simple; all you need is to put the pair in a jar filled with water and add some wood chips or sawdust. After that place, put your footwear inside for 24 hours, then take them out and let them dry up naturally. It will make the material softer, and the creases will fade away. It is a cheap and easy way to remove them from leather footwear. Footwear trees are designed mainly for this purpose; they give shape and proper ventilation to different kinds of boots like boots or loafers.

Wooden shoe trees can be used on most types of footwear; it also absorbs moisture which eventually helps remove the creases. To remove a pair tree from its box, start by putting your shoes on it and let them rest there until they ideally take the shape of this device. If you don’t have boot trees, using a newspaper will also work for you. Just place some pages between the toes and heels to absorb excess moisture and place it inside your pair overnight. It will remove the creases and quickly make the shoes look clean and tidy.

3. Use Oils to uncrease shoes

Leather boots are mostly made of leather, which is a natural product. It means that it can be dry or wet, depending on the weather conditions. The leather becomes stretched when used in humid environments, making your shoes look too big for your feet. The solution to this problem is simple: you need some oils. Oil-based products are often used to adjust the size of a pair. They can also be used to erase wrinkles and remove them altogether. You can use a small cotton cloth and dip it into the leather oil. Rub the surface of your shoes where wrinkles appear with this dipped cloth, applying gentle pressure in a circular motion. Try to avoid the upholstery because it may get stained. You can use olive oil or Vaseline petroleum jelly, perfect for dry and sun-dried leather. Put a tiny amount of any of these oils on your fingers and apply its surface evenly by rubbing in a circular motion with gentle hand pressure until you see that wrinkles are gone.

4. Use Leather Conditioner

We are on the way to sorting out how to uncrease shoes and to keep the boots shiny and comfortable, and you should use some leather conditioner. Leather conditioners prevent the boots from drying and cracking, leading to creasing over time. Footwear with light colors is easier to identify when they need new leather conditioners than dark boots since dirt is more visible in lighter colors. If your shoe’s material allows it, apply the leather conditioner to the inside of your shoes as well. It prevents any dirt from reaching the material and getting stuck in it, which can cause creasing. The leather conditioner is perfect for removing creases without any issue.

5. Rubbing Alcohol Miracle

Another antidote for creased is to use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Rub gently until you see the crease disappear. This method can be used for any material, but make sure not to overdo it as the leather may become too soft and lose its shape or color. The working principle is that the alcohol dissolves what remains of the adhesive that caused or worsened the crease. Spray the mixture on the affected areas, then wipe with a cloth or cotton swab. The rubbing alcohol method is the best way to ensure you don’t end up sticky. A mixture of water and white vinegar can also be used as a shoe deodorant, as it has to disinfect properties that make it an effective treatment for smelly feet or icky smells in general. It’s perfect if your sneakers tend to get a little stinky from time to time.

6. Using Hair Dryer

Use an intelligent alternative to uncrease with a hairdryer. It is a great way to avoid damaging your clothes or outfit if you need to wear heels immediately after straightening them out. Simply use hair dryer heat to smooth out the creases. If you want to be careful, not to hold the hairdryer too close for fear of burning either your shoes or yourself, but you also need to be close enough that it doesn’t take forever for them to uncrease. This method is a straightforward and user-friendly way to uncrease.

7. Shoe Polish and Lubricants

We are finally fishing for the methods to satisfy the quarry how to uncrease shoes. So high-quality boot polish is one of the best ways to get a new shine out of your footwear. Good pair polish will also help repel water and prevent stains from attaching to it, so you can keep looking great. Regularly polishing is just one of the many things you can do to extend their life. If your leather boot has creases, wrinkles, or hard-to-clean stains, try using a lubricant. Polish and oils easily uncrease your boots.

Final Words

We tried to guide you through a technique to uncrease shoes in this blog. Footwears play a very important role in our dressing that reflects our personality. Good boots speak good maintenance and care. There are many types of footwear, and among them, leather shoes have a unique charm about themselves. Although they can be stunning, they require good maintenance to stay in good condition for a long time.

Shoes can start to get wrinkles and creases. Careless handling of boots and lack of maintenance can spoil the charm and beauty that they carry. If you feel like your shoes are looking dull and unattractive, this blog is for you. Footwear takes a lot of beating in everyday use, and through rain or dust, their life is also reduced because, after some rough use, the pair gets dirty, and the dirt gets stuck in its creases; that’s why it is essential to clean your shoes regularly.