You’ve likely amassed a collection of shoes over the years and now find yourself in need of relocating them. Packing all those shoes for moving can be a challenge, but there are a few ways to protect your footwear from damage and keep it organized during the move. We are here to help you sort out the problem of how to pack shoes for moving? You just need some stuff like shoes-boxes or cartons, bubble wrap/papers, solution tape, etc.

These simple steps can help you pack your shoes for moving.

  1. Let your shoes air out for a couple of days to dry before moving them into the boxes thoroughly. It will help prevent mildew or mold from forming inside them during the move.

  2. Pack your shoes in the original shoe boxes, if possible. If you don’t have any of the original boxes from your most recent purchase, you can purchase similar ones at most moving supply stores.

  3. If the shoes are too large for the box, fold in each side of the box to form flaps and tape closed with packing tape or masking tape. Stuff wadded up newspaper into the shoes until they were firmly packed, so they didn’t move around inside the boxes.

  4. Wrap each shoe in a half piece of packing paper to protect it from rubbing or scuffing. It’s also a good idea to wrap your shoes in a plastic garbage bag before wrapping them in the paper, just to add one more layer of protection.

  5. If you have any really large or irregularly shaped pairs, use crumpled newspapers to fill any space in the box, so they maintain their proper shape.

  6. Seal the boxes with packing tape, affixing your moving label on top of it. If you’re not using shoe boxes, pack your shoes in several layers of newspaper and place them at the bottom of the moving box. You can also use wadded-up newspaper to fill in any space between the shoes.

  7. Don’t pack your shoes near any appliances with heating elements because it could melt them or leave heat marks on them. It includes heaters, ovens, dryers, coffee pots, and curling irons.

  8. Do not keep your shoe with liquid stuff like oil, perfumes, shampoo, etc. Wipe off any spills before packing them. If you have any particularly delicate shoes, wrap each pair individually in packing paper for extra protection.

  9. You can also pack your shoes for moving in a wardrobe carton after covering them inside with several layers of crumpled paper to protect clothing from scuffing. Make sure that you use plenty of packing tape to seal the box once you are done packing.

  10. You can wrap your footwear in bubble wrap to protect them from scratches and scrapes. Shoe boxes are best for storing shoes, but newspaper or bubble wrap will do the trick if you don’t have any.

  11. Don’t forget to label your boxes! Just like how important it is to label the contents of your entire house. You can label the box “FRAGILE” and “SHOES, DO NOT FILL” to ensure that they are treated accordingly. It’s also vital to label anything that can be easily misplaced, including your moving boxes.

  12. Delivery companies have varying policies on how much weight you’re allowed to include in a mover’s box. Make sure that you’re not going overboard with those shoes!

  13. Try to pack shoes in small boxes rather than big boxes. Also, avoid placing heavy shoes on the top.

Packing Of Fancy Shoes

Suppose you have fancy shoes (especially for women) such as metallic, velvet, frilled, ballerina flats, stilettos, ankle-wrap sandals, booties, etc. You need extra care when packing them. You should wrap the shoes like stilettos with heels carefully so they should not rub each other, and the heel must be appropriately covered. Some shoes have extra stuff, and designing them needs more protection to keep them safe. So you should pack them separately from the other casual shoes when relocating.

Silicone Packets for shoes

If you use the packets of silica gel, then keep them away from these fancy shoes as they can ruin them because of their chemical reaction. But if you don’t have those, and you find something like fresh dry fruits or walnuts in your pantry, then take those packets and put some silica beads inside them and use this packet to pack your glass or crystal shoes.

Tapes for Packaging

Use proper packing tape and rolls at the time of packaging. It should not get open anywhere during the transit process and secure them properly to avoid any other possible problems like coming out from the box, tearing off, etc. Beware while sealing all boxes because if you use strong. Everything is clear about packing shoes for moving, and packing a shoebox as mentioned above will surely help you pack shoes for moving. You must have got an idea of how to pack a shoebox for a long-distance relocation. I hope you will find it very useful while picking footwear from one place to another.

Things to note when packing your shoes for a move.

To avoid any mishap during transportation, you need to pack your footwear in cardboard moving boxes or wardrobe cartons. You can also wrap them in a newspaper for extra protection. Although the shoes are small items, how you pack them is very important. When moving a set of large dress shoes, use a shoebox or a pair of extra-large Tupperware containers to store them. To avoid damage, place the shoes on their side and fill the space with crumpled paper.

Protect Your Dress Shoes

Use a smaller shoebox to protect your dress shoes. The dress shoes can be easily scratched or damaged while packing. To avoid this, place each shoe in a separate shoebox and secure the lid properly. Again, add some paper inside the box before placing your shoes inside them to add extra protection.

Packingack a few essential pairs in their box

Shoes for moving can be a tricky thing, and if they happen to get damaged during packing or in transit, it could make the entire process of moving even more stressful. Make sure that you have already assembled all of your boxes and that they are ready to go. The first thing you will want to do is pack shoes for moving places and a few essential pairs in their box. You will want to use shoe boxes explicitly designed for this purpose for how many shoes fit in a box.

These boxes will have a fitted foam insert that is designed to perfectly fit women’s shoes and sports shoes, as well as a packet of silica gel that will help absorb unwanted moisture. You will want to gather up some newspaper or packing paper. Wrap the paper around each shoe to be snug but not too tight. Put a few pairs of rolled-up newspaper in the bottom of each box before adding the boots on top.

Only use clean packing paper

For peace of mind, use a clean method to pack your shoes. The newspaper used packing paper, or even colored tissue paper can leave stains that can be difficult to remove later. Clean paper towels, cardboard, and paper shopping bags are excellent options.

Pre-pack each shoe individually

When you pre-pack your shoes, it will save time during the move. Grouping shoes together by type is also helpful. For example, You should pack the group dress shoes with other dress shoes, athletic shoes with other athletic shoes, etc. Use a sheet of paper to separate the shoes from each other.

Put tissue paper in your shoe

Tissue paper is a perfect way to add protection to your shoes. It will help prevent leather damage and also provides extra cushioning. You can do the same for clothes, and pantyhose work well for this purpose.

Make Sure Shoes Are Clean and Dry

Make sure your shoes are clean and dry before you pack them. Remove any shoestrings or laces, as these can get tangled and broken during transit. When packing shoes with multiple designs of different colors, make sure to place them together in your box so they don’t get separated. The pair of shoes are securely inside the shoebox, so they don’t shift around while being moved.

Final Words

When packing shoes for moving, it is essential to pack them carefully. You can do this by using silicone packets or tapes to secure the shoeboxes and ensure they are not damaged during the move. Make sure you only use clean packing paper to avoid stains on other items in your box when wrapping your shoes.

Pre-pack each shoe individually so that you don’t have too much trouble unpacking them at their new home, and put tissue paper inside of your shoeboxes for extra protection against any fluids leaking out while being transported. Finally, we have provided you with complete guidance to sort out how to pack shoes for moving. Just remember to keep all pairs together because this makes unpacking faster.