There are two main types of shoes, leather & fabric and the crease removal process varies for both these kinds of materials. So, if you’re wondering how to get rid of creases in shoes, here is some good news for you! This guide covers methods on how to remove wrinkles from shoes. It’s a problem that many people have, but no one likes to experience. Creased shoes are a common issue, especially if you haven’t been using them for a while or if you’ve stored them in cramped places or stacked your footwear on top of each other.

Imagine the horror when you take out the pair of shoes and discover creases on them! It can be frustrating, especially if you were running late and couldn’t find an easy way to remove creases in shoes. So, here are a few excellent ways to remove those creases from your shoes within minutes. The following guide will help you get rid of wrinkles in leather & fabric shoes.

Some Hacks to get rid of creases in shoes

Some simple steps help you to crease out your shoes.

Ironing Them Out

Ironing your shoes is one of the best ways to get rid of creases in leather or fabric shoes. It’s just like ironing clothes, but you need to be careful about not burning anything. Although this technique may sound odd to you, it hardly takes minutes at first sight. The simple and effective method helps you get rid of creases in shoes in just a few minutes. All you need is an iron, water, and clothes. Place your shoes on top of the cloth to avoid stains or damage. Now take some tepid water in a bowl, dip the dirty portion (the one with creases) in it for a few seconds and remove immediately.

After this step, place them under direct heat from the iron. Move the iron back and forth over the creased surface. Repeat this until you see that your shoe has been restored to its original shape. It is one of the most inexpensive ways to remove creases in shoes, which don’t require any special tools or equipment. It is a straightforward and quick solution to your problem. It will help you eliminate creases in shoes within minutes which no other technique can pull off. If you’re not much into DIY hacks, this should be the one for you! So if creased shoe problems ever bother you again, just use these steps to remove creases in shoes.

Stuff Your Shoes

You need to stuff your shoes with newspaper after removing the shoelaces to store them for a longer time. They can avoid creasing & wrinkles in leather or fabric shoes. Just open up a section of the paper and place it into each shoe, then fold the edges over to stick out slightly from inside the shoe. The best part is that you don’t even need to fold the newspaper. Just place it into your shoes, let them rest for a few hours or overnight, & take out the paper that will have absorbed all of those creases in the shoes. You can also wear socks or old clothes instead of newspapers to stuff your shoes.

Hot Towel

Now, take a towel you are running out of time; this quick method will help you get rid of creases in shoes. All it takes is a damp cloth and your shoe’s upper part. Dip the towel into hot water, then wring it to avoid any dripping liquid left behind. Now place the fabric over the area with creases and let it rest for a few seconds. Apply some pressure, too, so that the material can absorb all of those creases in your shoes.

Using Shoe Trees

Another way to get rid of creases in shoes is by using shoe trees. Shoe trees are designed to absorb moisture and help your footwear retain its original shape after wearing it. Some people even stuff their shoes with newspaper or cloth before placing them into the shoe tree so that they can pull out all of those wrinkles at once. The main advantage of using shoe trees is that they will help your shoes retain their shape and prevent them from developing creases or wrinkles after wearing them. Plus, they also add a deep shine to the material used in footwear which gives you an extra edge over others when out on the streets.

Overstuff With Clothes/Socks

Creasing usually also depends on the condition of your shoe. If you take proper care and maintain them regularly, it becomes easier to get rid of those creases in shoes. A straightforward way is to make sure that you don’t overstuff your footwear with socks or other clothes if they are a little tight for space because this can lead to wrinkles & creasing as well. However, some tips can help you to reduce the danger of creasing.

Hairdryer Method

Creasing and wrinkling on the shoe material are not permanent. You may find some issues with its appearance, but you don’t have to throw it away just yet! Various methods will help reduce those marks & remove them completely. A straightforward way is to use a hairdryer on your shoes. It can help you get rid of creases & wrinkles quickly without causing any damage to the leather or other material used in its construction. A warm airflow from a hairdryer will make the shoe smooth again while also making them look good as new! However, make sure you don’t use very high heat or hold the hairdryer too close to the shoes as it can cause damage.

Another method that works well is using a damp cloth on your footwear to return to its original shape before any creasing or wrinkling occurs. You will need some water for this process, and make sure that the cloth is damp enough to use it on your shoes. Soak the fabric in water and wring out all of the excess moisture before you begin cleaning. Rub this gently onto any creases or wrinkles on your shoe material in small circular motions for maximum impact. This process will also help clean off dirt & grime from your shoes to make them look good as new.

Using A Shoe Horn

Shoe horns can help you pull your foot into the shoe gently and efficiently. It avoids unnecessary pressure on the boots, which can damage their shape and material too, hence reducing creasing & wrinkles. A shoehorn eliminates the chances of creasing and helps you slip into your shoes without any fuss. They are generally designed to be long & thin, making it easier for people with Arthritis to use them. Make sure that the shoehorn is made from a smooth material that won’t damage the surface of your shoes. You can also find some with plastic or rubber coatings that will help you slip into tight-fitting footwear without any hassles.

Choose the Right Shoe Size

Too loose shoe sizes can also cause creasing and wrinkles in shoes. Wearing too big shoes can throw out your entire posture, leading to back pain and other related problems. Hence, make sure you go for the correct shoe size to avoid creasing or wrinkling at all. The causes are creasing and crushing the shoes themselves. It can also cause creasing and wrinkles due to tight-fitting or stiff footwear that doesn’t allow your feet to breathe properly. If you wear such shoes for a long time, they will cause discomfort, which may lead to creases & wrinkles as well. Hence, it is recommended that you wear the correct type of shoes according to your physical activities and comfort levels.

Alternate Wearing of Shoes

If you wear the same pair of shoes for an extended period, it can cause creasing & wrinkles. Hence, make sure that you alternate the usage of your footwear or change them once every couple of days to reduce the chances of uneven creases and wrinkles on your shoe material. It will help maintain their original shape while keeping away from unnecessary pressure, which can cause damage to your shoes.

Moisturizing Them Regularly

Regularly moisturizing the leather in your shoes will help reduce the chances of creasing & wrinkles. Remember that leather is made from animal skin and is a natural material. It has a breathing process that allows the moisture to escape through pores in the leather. However, this also means that there is no air circulation within your shoes if they are not moisturized regularly with quality products. So make sure you use shoe polish & creams on them once every week or so. It helps improve the quality of your shoes while also reducing the chances of creasing & wrinkles at the same time.

Final Words

We have tried to satisfy how to get rid of creases in shoes in many ways. In simple words, you should remove all the excess fabric, which can cause friction and lead to more wrinkles over time. To do so, lay your shoe on a flat surface with an old cotton t-shirt or towel covering it, so you don’t burn anything else. Place two sheets of newspaper underneath the shoe for protection from the scorching heat.

Turn up your iron to a high steam setting and press down onto the cloth until you hear a hissing sound coming from the paper below it. Move slowly across each side evenly until they are both dry enough that there are no wet spots left behind when lifted off the ground (source). If you need some extra reinforcement, you can place a sock or another shoe over the wrinkled area and iron over it.